What To Know About Kohler And Campbell Pianos?  

Kohler and Campbell piano models provide you with clean and clear sound day after day. As an enjoyable range of instruments to learn, progress and master music on, you can find a model and range suited to your genre of choice. However, with a wide range of models available, it can be tough to understand the best options in front of you, but with our insight and guidance, you can choose the options you will cherish for years. Read on to find out more about these beautiful products.

Upright Models

With this style of vertical orientation, you get a selection of high-quality instruments that are brilliant for single-room settings where you do not want to overpower the audience. This design is ideal for learning and developing your skills, giving off a distinctive sound that many genres seek out. They serve perfectly to a practising professional, as well as to a beginner. Of course, as it’s only a small model, we can’t expect the same intensity of sound or the same variety of sound as you would expect from many grand or baby grand pianos. However, one can still achieve perfectly balanced and weighted keys in these models, making them efficient and responsive to play. Also, upright designs are available for a much more reasonable price than the larger concert-type models as an instrument for practice or musical accompaniment.

Upright pianos are humble instruments. They create a wholesome atmosphere and oftentimes produce nostalgia of being back in your grandmother’s house with the smell of gingerbread and black tea wafting through the air. As an iconic family instrument, upright pianos have their place in every home and are the original cultivators of musical passion. 


This reputable and globally renowned company is one of the world’s largest makers of grand models. They apply the economies of scale to make their Millennium Pianos the most affordable high-performance piano globally. There are two Kohler & Campbell grand sizes. The standard Grand is the most recognisable to musicians and civilians alike and usually is found in concert hall settings. The sound features of these instruments are accommodated in large spaces.

Grand pianos are a force to be reckoned with as they truly demand the full interest of the audience. When a grand piano is being played, it captivates and intrigues and refuses to release its grip on you until the very last note is played. So, if you want to truly engage your audience in a transcending performance, then a grand piano is the instrument of choice.

Baby Grands

On the other hand, their Baby Grand models are a perfect halfway point between a grand and an upright. In terms of sound intensity and terms of space, this design gives you a more robust sound without taking up an expansive area. This orientation can easily be placed in a household, or it can perfectly serve small concerts and performances. Furthermore, it doesn’t take any sound quality in a smaller area, so it is recommended to be used in smaller music school settings.

Still, don’t think that just because this piano is on a smaller scale that it’s not a worthwhile investment. On the contrary, a baby grand piano can be compared to a luxury car; a Rolls Royce, for instance, that with the right maintenance and care, will outlive many owners with its beauty and impeccable performance still intact. 

The team at Gospel Pianos has many years of passion and experience that ensures you find the best possible piano to serve you for years to come. We are dedicated to helping you find your perfect match, and we are sure you will find your soul mate when you visit us!

A Kohler and Campbell piano is a beautifully crafted musical instrument that can give you complete audio satisfaction. With a range of models and orientations, you can find the sound and style suited to your chosen genres. Contact us today to find out more about available instruments. 

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