Vaughn De Spenza & his Life as a Creative Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship begins with a vision, and the most critical quality for an entrepreneur to possess is the ability to be unstoppable! Many people are unaware that entrepreneurship is not a natural trait but a skill that can be learned. Willpower, talents, and knowledge are characteristics that may be learned and improved with practice. Although we all have entrepreneurial qualities, only a few entrepreneurial qualities acquired at birth can help us in the long run. Entrepreneurs use their own will, their rates and expertise, and traits that can be gained and cultivated to make things happen.

Entrepreneurship in the creative industries and information about the development of entrepreneurial talents in these businesses are not well recognized, if at all. The phrase “creative entrepreneurship” has come to apply to entrepreneurs in the creative industries and businesses. When it comes to boosting invention, innovative enterprises are more active than other businesses. The real issue for people who want to pursue creative entrepreneurship is striking a balance between the artistic side and the financial and business development sides.

It’s tough to overlook a personality like Vaughn De Spenza while discussing such innovative entrepreneurs. De Spenza was born in Los Angeles, California; De Spenza started playing drums and piano at home.  At 7 he began formal music training at the Al Foorman’s Music Academy’s in Los Angeles and at 11 he continued music training at the Eubanks Conservatory of Music where he studied applied music theory on the guitar. He attended Dorsey High School played in the Dorsey High Jazz Band and graduated in 1980. He continued to study music at Los Angeles City College and studied audio engineering and video editing at the Hollywood Institute of Audio Video Engineering (IAVE). In 1983 he started Reel Fashion Productions and opened He worked at Cherokee Recording studio in 1988 and has over three decades of worldwide work experience. He is the creator and chairman of Reel Entertainment Group, LLC.

From 1991 to 2019 De Spenza managed Billy Preston’s European tour, which included stops in Budapest, Hungary – Petö Andrá Alapvany – Artag Promotions, Genova, Italy – Port of Genova for the 500th anniversary of Christopher Colombo’s voyage to America, and Rome, Italy De Spenza engineered the recording of Billy Preston’s piano part on a song for Italian musician Nino D’angelo, he served as the Rock Agency’s production supervisor for Dionne Warwick in the Aula Paolo VI in the Vatican City, a homage to Pope John Paul II entitled Il Prodigo di Figlio. He organized and managed summer European tours for Ike Turner and Stanley Jordan. He also supervised and managed summer European tours for the Rock Agency in Italy for Jose Feliciano, Buddy Miles, Kool & the Gang and Al McKay & the Earth Wind & Fire Experience, J. T. Taylor, Kid Creole & the Coconuts and more       

Apart from that, he worked on multiple films and events. He launched The California Pavilion at Midem in 2003, bringing 41 American enterprises to the French Riviera under the California Pavilion moniker, which was the first U.S. Pavilion to ever gather at Midem. Through Reel Entertainment Group, he presented his Concentric Art Music Series at the L.A. Westside Radisson Hotel in Culver City in 2010. In this series, De Spenza brought in independent recording artists and groups who performed a variety of genres, including jazz, world music, Blues and cowboy soul. Charles Owens, Yukiko Matsuyama, Mike Mann, Joel Gaines, Mark Allen Felton A.K.A. Panther, Wali Ali, Louis Taylor, Noci, Mekiel Rueben, Tedashi Numba and Quartetto Fantastico performed as part of this concert series, which featured some of the most eclectic musical artists on the west coast.

De Spenza is still essential today, pursuing a variety of music projects with an emphasis on Malta, ranging from artist development to festival organization. Jugging between the aesthetic aspect of music and the funding and development side, He is the very example of what a creative entrepreneur and his life are like!


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