Tips on Using Audio Plugins Effectively to Revolutionize Your Mixing

The days of Analog Desks seem to be over as people are getting more into Digital desks and freely experimenting with audio plugins. The tool can create some magical mixing for you if you are doing it right, but it can also go horribly wrong with any mistake done in its use. If you are just getting into it, we are here to help you with some vital tips that are sure to get you going. 

Know your audio plugin

It is essential that you know about the audio plugin that you are using. For instance, you must first read all about Nexus audio plugin, what it does, how it should be used and gather as much information as you can about it. This would help you understand its strength and weakness and use it to maximize your own mixing for some eclectic sounds. 

Use your brain

Music is all about experimenting and coming up with your own creative mixes. Thus, even when you are gathering information, do not be afraid of understanding it and using your own knowledge and gut instincts. Experiment after logical and creative thinking, and you are likely to come up with something spectacular. Going off beat roads is certainly an option here to explore. 

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Understand your routing 

When you are trying to create a mix, do it with your own routing in mind. You can just try by simply hitting an insert point on your desk. Another way to try it would be to place the plugin on your rack and finish off with routing group vocals to it. You can also try to sidechain one to another. For instance, you can sidechain the gate on your bottom snare to the top snare mic. This will open it to first receive the audio on top and skip on the waiting time of audio hitting the bottom mic. Another idea is to play with the placements of insert points. The bottom line is that you intentionally play with the positioning of the inserts and come up with something spectacular. Reject what is not working and improve upon what is working. 

Try stuff

Practice and experimentation are the keys to learning. And there are endless possibilities. For instance, if you are on ‘big’ consoles; you can take advantage of ‘Virtual Soundcheck.’ It allows you to try various kinds of mixing without ruffling feathers. You can experiment and try mixing options that you might not get on any other machine. You only need to be focused and use your plugin with a specific choice in mind. Keep working at it, and you are bound to succeed. 

Wrapping up

The sky is the limit in creating your mixes. Once you have got your formula right and fine tunes it; you will find your mixes getting revolutionized. Prioritize the right elements and trust your ears more than your eyes. Develop a critical aesthetic judgment and do not fall in the trap of being a sonic narcissist. As you improve your mixing skills with the audio plugin; you can find each sound coming better than the previous one. 


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