Tips For Choosing A Guitar Teacher

Guitar teachers train their students to play electric, bass or acoustic guitar. They provide private and group lessons to experienced, novice and intermediate guitarists. They could work from their own premises, at a music college, or in their students’ homes. Some are self employed and others work for someone else. There are teachers who make their main income from teaching guitar, while others play in bands and do it to make some extra money. Some guitar teachers offer lessons to top up their income from another, non musical job.

Choosing a guitar teacher is difficult, because this profession does not require any formal qualifications, experience or training. Consequently, virtually anyone can advertise guitar lessons and charge money for them, irrespective of their musical ability. Here’s some things to take into account when searching for a local tutor.

Although there are lots of accomplished guitar players, not many of them are good teachers. Regrettably, it is hard to earn a decent living as a musician. Therefore, a significant number of people who teach music are not enthusiastic about the job. These people tend to regard guitar teaching as a way to ‘tide themselves over’. If you start taking lessons from a teacher like this, you might not be aware of it initially. Nonetheless, you might sense at some point that the teacher seems disinterested in your progress as a player. The majority of people would prefer not to have to do their jobs, and guitar teachers are just the same. Notwithstanding, you have a right to expect a certain level of commitment from your teacher. If this is not forthcoming, all you can do is find a tutor who genuinely enjoys their work, and does their best to pass on their knowledge.

Typically, a guitarist who has studied for years at college, or a music conservatoire, will be able to play to an extremely high standard. By learning from a properly trained musician, you can be confident that you are acquiring skills from a dependable source. That does not mean that there are no decent self taught teachers, however this can be harder to gauge. Selecting a properly trained guitarist as your tutor is a more sensible option, if you are keen to learn from a true expert.

Occasionally, budding guitarists put too much emphasis on their tutor’s stylistic background. Unless you are a highly experienced player, there is no need to choose a teacher based on the style you wish to master. Regardless of which style you are interested in, any tutor who is formerly trained can show you how to play that way. If you have never played the guitar before, you will not have to concern yourself with musical styles for a minimum of six months. Instead, during this period, you will have to master the basics of guitar playing. Even once this period has elapsed, style is less important than general musicianship. Take heed of the above advice, and choosing a guitar teacher will be less daunting.

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