Three Best Camera Settings For Wedding Photographs

Weddings are events to be cherished, as it is a celebration of love and trust. It is a symbol of unity as the couples are to make vows to stay together forever. The photographs in a wedding are to be uniquely taken as they would be a representation of this happy day. Unlike traditional photography, every picture in a marriage should reflect the happiness felt through the use of proper camera settings. Three modes can be used in taking photos, and they are automatic mode, semi-automatic mode, and manual mode. Operating with automatic and semi-automatic modes allows the photographer to work with stipulated settings from the camera while manual mode gives room for adjustments. Below are the three best camera settings for wedding photographs.

Flash Settings: using flash in taken a photo provides additional lighting and therefore making the picture quality better. This can be achieved on automatic mode as the camera is made to give flashes at the slightest hint of darkness. There are also ways to increase the lighting for a photograph manually, but these features are for experts. Flash also goes a long way to make a couple pose look ethereal and magical.

Depth of Fields:  using the appropriate depth of field is necessary for capturing unique moments. Depth of fields is a setting that gives focus only to the objects while blurring the environment. It can be used in automatic mode. A shallow depth of field gives a beautiful result.

Manual Settings: manual settings give room to adjustments, unlike automatic mode. Since flash provides lighting for automatic mode, lighting can also be changed in the manual settings by altering the range of the aperture, ISO, exposure, and so on. Semi-automatic modes give this freedom to an extent as settings like shutter priority allows the shutter speed to be adjusted while using the camera’s preferred aperture.

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