The Relationships and the Sweetness of It

No matter what stage your relationship is in, it is always very important to remind the person with you that they are loved. Affection, words of love, pampering has no certain date to be appreciated. The best relationship is one in which every day is important and counted as “Valentine’s Day”, even in bad times.

As there are holidays such as Valentine’s Day, dating anniversary, wedding anniversary or even the anniversary of your love, it’s cool to have creative ideas to get out of the gift routine. A personalized gift, a surprise dinner or even a gift delivery in the middle of working hours makes anyone feel very loved and happy. Along with the greetings and wishes there are other options as well.

It was exactly the intention of the journalist Daniela Paulino on Valentine’s Day 2010: she was going through a bad phase fighting breast cancer, but her boyfriend stayed with her every day and encouraged her in each step of the treatment.

So that it wasn’t just another Valentine’s Day, the journalist wanted to surprise her. “He always gave me great gifts and was giving me a super strength in the treatment of cancer, I thought it would be nice to have a personalized gift that had our face and remembered the moment. I always thought he looked like the boy of the couple ‘Amar É’ because of his hair. So I took a drawing of the couple, personalized my eyes and as I was bald, I made the little bald girl too”. Daniela says that in addition to the drawing, she gave other gifts, but the comic was successful and her boyfriend loved the personalized surprise.

So that you can also surprise your love with different treats, check out some cool ideas:

“My most precious asset” box

Buy an MMPA box and personalize it. It can be painted, with collage, any way you see fit. On the lid, write the phrase “My most precious asset” or “What I love most” and at the bottom of the box glue a mirror. So when he opens the box, he will see his own image reflected in the mirror. Learn how to paint the MDF box in the following video:

“I love you” by the body

This gift is more a spicy game between the couple than a gift in itself. Write the phrase “I love you” in different body arts and ask your love to search, he will love this investigation.

Leave notes for him to find

Nothing is better than being surprised with a letter or note with unexpected vows of love. When your love is distracted, put some messages for him inside the wallet, on the car windshield, in the backpack. So, when he finds your message he will surely think of you.

Letter with the songs that marked the story of the couple

On the day of the celebration, whether it is the anniversary of the couple, Valentine’s Day or even the boy’s birthday, write a letter and use in the middle of your words the names of songs that marked the story of you, but remember to highlight the names with highlighter pen or colored pen for the boy to understand exactly what your intention was.

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