The Best Screenplay Films

Are you looking for fantastic screenplay films but you had no luck? Don’t worry! Today we will be talking about some of the best screenplay films you can watch whenever you want and enjoy their extraordinary quality with no limits! Are you ready? Click here:

Nowadays we can find all kinds of films on the Internet or the cinema theatres, but it has become a total challenge to find the perfect one because sometimes the quality is not what we were expecting. Therefore, we have selected some films that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

After all, entertainment is the primary reason why we tend to watch movies. So keep on reading to find the list of best screenplay movies.

Furthermore, some of the best Telugu movies you are probably interested in are:

Anukokunda Oka Roju:

What if a day is missed in your life without your knowledge and strange things start happening in your life? A chorus singer is struggling to make her living, but, one night, everything changes, and her life never come back to what it used to be. What happened that night? She will have to face the truth and avoid those men who have started chasing her.


The story revolves around a man-eating tiger. There are several characters in the film, and you suspect everyone, and the truth is revealed at the end. The way director Vamsy made this film will take you breath.


Kamini’s prank videos may not be a perfect idea when, after going to a party, her life changed completely and will need to find a solution quickly to make out of that deadly situation. What happened to her?

To conclude, today we have talked about the best screenplay films and 3 Telugu movies, too. Also, all types of Telugu movies can be streamed at “Aha Movies”. So choosing such a reputable site will improve your movie-watching experience.

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