Structure of Successful Music – How to Make Any Song a Hit 

You won’t find a blueprint for a hit song but if you incorporate the trends of current hits into your music, you can make any song a hit. Picture this song which has millions of YouTube views and it’s maintained the 1st place on Billboard for 5 weeks. It’s a hit. Although getting the right advertising and promo is difficult, you can apply a variety of efficient hacks to guarantee that your song becomes a hit.

If you’re a beginner producer and you’ve never analysed music, you’ll find it inspirational and mind-blowing. You can use special services such as music data mining, or music data analysis which and target all top hits worldwide to obtain a variety of insightful reports. And, with enough practice, you’ll be able to dissect each hit’s structure and use reverse engineering to create your own hits.

The Journey Begins

To make any song a hit you should consider the structure and arrangement, on one hand, and the sounds, influences, and mood, on the other hand. The structure of a hit song comprises 5 elements including a melody which captures your audience’s attention, the story which touches your listeners, a catchy chorus, simplicity, and clear emotion. The arrangement of hit songs is based on a quick fix. You’ll notice that hits don’t last more than 3 to 5 minutes, at the most. It’s because your audience is dealing with many distractions and moves quickly.

The Structure

Also, you won’t hear a hit with an intro which is longer than about 15 seconds before the first chorus comes in. It’s so you can hook your audience which has a very short attention span. They need to know if they like your song right now. So, to keep your listeners engaged you must give them something new as often as you can. Change everything up. Play around with drums, change the groove, add extra harmony every four bars. You can browse through the wide range of drum samples on to create a variety of beats. In the end, your song should comprise a structure including:

  • A short but attention-grabbing intro;
  • No more than 2 sections of alternating between verse and chorus;
  • A bridge section;
  • The climax, which is normally in the chorus;
  • The outro.

Check Spotify’s Top 50 or the Billboard charts and you’ll notice hybrid hit songs comprising elements of different genres. It’s getting harder to classify songs in different categories. Some of the most popular sounds include electronic drums, melodic synths, bases and mallet instruments. Also, the piano and guitar remain centrepieces for music producers.

Wrapping It Up

With the help of music data analytics and a lot of practice in deconstructing songs, you can tap into hits’ structures incorporate the same in your songs. Once you know how to dissect a hit, you’ll identify what structure you prefer and create your song around it. And, for increased creativity, you can play around with sample sounds such as drums to determine the right beats.


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