Steps to Make a Great Music Video

A visual component is essential for musicians. In this age of digital streaming, it is not enough that you just release music. YouTube is the king, and people want to put a face to your music. While your songs will always be the most important element of your art, having a personal connection to your fans through your music videos helps you create a fanbase, which can then support your career in the long run. Before you go ahead and hire a professional music production studio, it helps to have a guide on the whole process. Read the following to know the steps on how to make an outstanding music video:

1. Develop the concept and determine the budget.

Before you start, create a rough idea for your video. For instance, would you like to shoot in a studio or outdoors? Do you want to hire actors? Remember that every element you add will cost more and take longer to create. You will need to prepare your friends for the shoots, even if they are volunteering their time. Makeup, wardrobe, hair and more—all these things take time. Just keep in mind that sometimes simplicity is the best thing.

2. Get your team together and hire a professional studio.

After you have created your idea and analyzed your budget, it is time to find a reliable and professional production studio to collaborate with and who will provide you with an itemized list detailing the costs. Such an estimate should give you an idea of how the production will go. What number of shoots will you need at what locations? How are these scheduled? Who is responsible for renting the equipment? These questions should all be answered in the estimate.

3. Discuss everything essential during the pre-production stage.

The pre-production stage is when you and your team discuss how to make things happen. Who is responsible for the props? Who makes the props? When will the props arrive at your door? Who does the makeup? All these questions and many others like it must be answered. You can create a schedule that shows when people must show up and for how long. Finally, have a discussion with the director about what you would like the final product to look like. Show the director videos that you enjoy. Discuss the editing process before you shoot, as it will influence how shots are lit and shot.

4. Shoot your music video as scheduled.

By the time you’re shooting the music video, everyone should be able to know what their role is and when to do it. The schedule should be posted somewhere visible and contain the contact information of important people. It is important that you are able to reach key people whenever necessary.

It allows you to be more creative when the logistics are well-planned and managed in advance. You, the artist, should be able now to shift into your creative space. It is about creating a connection with your audience. It can be difficult to connect with your audience if you are too focused on the mundane.

You have all the shots planned; make sure you execute them with charm!

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