Social Influencers: Deepthi Sunaina and More

At a time when social networks are playing an increasingly important role in the private and professional life, we must be attentive to the influence of our digital image on our career and our job search.

More than one employer in two conducts research on social networks before submitting an offer to a candidate. These “searches” could even influence their desire to welcome a candidate or not for an interview. See the example of Deepthi Sunaina he is the kind of media personality who has come up with the best options for the same and that also within the small time. The Instagram star and social media influencer is also a model who has found the success of her live now.


With the exception of marketing or communication professionals, Twitter seems rather appropriate for personal use.

“Employers looking for marketing or communications personnel can expect to find candidates with an active presence on Twitter. Engaging in internet discussions about your area of ​​expertise is a great way to show your command of social networks as well as a skill relevant to the role you are looking for, “explains Alain Mlanao, director of Walters People France.

If you work in an industry where your presence on Twitter is an important argument, you can choose to hide the users you follow or follow by creating private lists. This will allow employers to access your news feed without being able to see your connections.

The Twitter Usage

If you’re using Twitter in a personal setting, then protecting your account seems necessary. Use privacy settings to protect and hide certain personal data, including your tweets, the users you follow and those who follow you.

Even if your Twitter account is protected, employers will still be able to access the information in your biography. In this insert, delete any information you would not want an employer to learn.

Following these simple tips can reduce your chances of making a bad first impression before you even get an interview.


70% of employers consider that Facebook should be used exclusively in a personal capacity and is not a network adapted to professional interactions.

Making your profile inaccessible to anyone outside of your circle of friends is a wise precaution. Here are some steps to follow to make sure your Facebook account is private:

  • Update your privacy settings regularly 
  • Delete your Facebook page from Google searches 
  • Check what’s visible on your page 
  • Make sure your wall, publications and photos are invisible to the public 

If, however, you decide to keep your Facebook account public, pay attention to your posts because everything could be seen and read by a potential employer.

After getting a job, it’s important not to use Facebook to express disagreements about your activities. If you encounter a problem, talk to your manager to solve it.


LinkedIn has established itself as the leader of professional social networks. It has become, by default, the platform where professionals network, develop partnerships and exchange with people in their sector. This is also where they can build a digital reputation.

The recommendations of your former employers and colleagues give weight to your profile and are very popular. A good recommendation can be an accelerator in a job search as it will give employers a first glimpse of your strengths. 


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