Preschool Music & Movement

Children Learn Through Play

Young children learn and develop through play. Children develop socially and emotionally by playing and interacting with their peers and with the adults that care for them. Children develop their gross and fine motor skills, attention maintenance, language skills, cognition and the list goes on, all in the world of imagination and active play.

Music Is A Wonderful Opportunity

That is why preschool music and movement curriculum provides such a wonderful opportunity. Children are attracted to music activities that involve movement and interaction. Many music curriculums fail to be effective because they aren’t interactive. A catchy song that parents enjoy may lack a call to action that invites children to sing, dance, move their bodies in creative ways or clap play rhythms on hand percussion instruments.

Simplicity Is Key

One of the challenges of creating great children’s music is to keep it simple. Adults have a tendency to fill up songs with lots of words and ideas. A song that is too complex will not be as engaging for children. When composing a song or interactive music activity for children I always make sure to boil a central idea down to its essence.

The Best Inspiration

In my music groups I am always paying attention to the group and how they are responding to what I am presenting. If I notice that a certain song or activity is not holding their interest I will immediately switch to another activity. I also notice what they make suggestions. Many of my best songs were inspired by suggestions that children in y classes threw out.

Three Factors To Consider

When you are selecting music to present to your students, there are three factors to keep in mind:

  1. Interactivity: Does the music invite the children to move and interact?
  2. Energy: Is the music fun and energetic?
  3. Relate-ability: Is the subject matter relatable for young children?

Get Involved

Once you have chosen the music curriculum you are ready to share it with your students or children. It’s time to get involved! Music and movement time is not putting on music and then doing dishes, cleaning the classroom or filling out paperwork. It’s time to get moving an interacting with the group by modeling the movements and inspiring the children to do the same.

Think Outside the Box

After a high energy, interactive music and movement session the children will have burned off a lot of energy. It’s the perfect time to get them involved in a more academic activity. Start a discussion about the subject matter of the music that they just experienced. If it’s a song about riding on a train ask them what it would be like to go on a train ride. Where would they like to travel on a train? What would it be like to sleep on a train? Create an art project related to trains and the people and animals that might be riding on a train.

Get Ready for Some Fun!

Music time is one of the favorite parts of any child’s day. Take some time to select the right kind of preschool music and movement curriculum and watch your students come alive!



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