Music Streaming Service and How Spotify works there

The music streaming service Spotify is quite popular in the Country, but that does not mean that the majority actually pay. A total of 32 percent of the respondents in the Telecompaper survey used Spotify, of which seven percent actually paid.

Spotify the most popular in the Country, followed at a distance

Here in the Country, Spotify is the best-known streaming music provider. In the Telecompaper survey, fourteen percent of the respondents who participated in the market researcher’s Consumer Panel have never heard of the service. 55 percent say they know the service but do not use it. They were also asked who would then use the free version of Spotify and it turned out that 25 percent of those surveyed did. Only seven percent pay for the service. For buying Spotify plays this is essential.

This means that 32 percent of respondents, who must be a representation of the Dutch population with thirty thousand members, use Spotify, of which about a quarter of those people pay for the music streaming service. The French music service Deezer is the second most famous streaming music service at a considerable distance after Spotify. 46 percent of the Dutch do not know the service (or 54% do). At Deezer, 49 percent say they know the service, but that they cannot be used.

Spotify aims at podcast audiences but is still losing

The group also indicated that 55 percent had never heard of the music streaming service Rdio. 42 percent said they knew the service but that they were not using it. No panel member has a paid subscription to Rdio, while three percent therefore use the free variant. Deezer only has one percent in the pocket who pays, while four percent uses the free version. Soundcloud is unknown to 51 percent of the panel members, but one percent of the panel say they pay monthly for that service.

The popularity of streaming services for music and other media is still increasing. According to recent research by market research agency GfK, Spotify is the market leader in music services in the Country and is mainly used via the mobile phone. The service is offered by many providers as an option with a telephone subscription.

Spotify worldwide

The popularity worldwide has increased rapidly. In 2014 the streaming service only had 10 million paying users, in March 2016 this number had already risen to 30 million. The total number of users is even higher. June last year the limit of 100 million users was exceeded. The number of paying users is relatively high, more than a quarter of all users worldwide have a paid Premium subscription.

Music services

With 3.3 million listeners, Spotify is used by around one in five people. Apple Music delivered on many Apple devices comes in second place with 2.7 million people. This and other streaming services such as Google Play Music have a smaller market share. Moreover, Spotify has many paying users, even more in percentage terms in the Country than worldwide. The share of paying users worldwide was nearly 30 percent a year ago. In the Country that was over 40 percent.

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