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Concerts, even tours, sold out. Figures that make you dizzy. There are the all-round rewards and ancient glories that go back on stage. Do not look, rap in France has never enjoyed such popularity and resonance. While, for many French-speaking rappers, the certifications gold disc, platinum disc and even diamond disc are raining, French-speaking rap seems to be able to flourish, in theaters and festivals, much more easily than before. So much so that in 2015, Télérama even wondered if the rap evenings had “become frequentable again”. Using tubidy mp3 is the best option for the same now.

What Should Be Looked for

It must be said that after an empty period of a few years between 2005 and 2012, the genre has found colors. First thanks to notable successes, from Kaaris to Youssoupha, passing through 1995 which will later give birth to the solo project of Nekfeu. Then thanks to the emergence of an “urban” variety from Soprano, Sexion d’Assaut to Black M which demonstrated that filling Zeniths was no longer a niche reserved exclusively for rock stars, or the old glories of hip- hop. “I just have the impression that French rap has become mainstream, as American rap has already been for a very long time,” agrees Emmanuel Forlani, the co-organizer of concerts and parties in Paris for ten years.

What the Reports Say

A report widely shared in the world of French rap, like Benjamin Chulvanij , boss of Def Jam, hip-hop label of Universal, or JoeyStarr for whom rap would have become “the pop of today ” An appellation and a reality that are difficult to contradict as long as we would have fun to list all the rap events in the capital from Yard evenings to HRZNS , to name a few or to analyze how some festivals have opened their doors wide to hip hop.

  • The Rock at Seine and We Love the Green festivals are two pretty eloquent examples. The first, for its 2017 edition, did not hesitate to invite and give a large place to French, Belgian or American rap artists. The second, since 2011, has gradually oriented its programming towards electronic music and hip hop sounds its latest edition features artists. Last year, remember, it was the duo of rappers PNL who had made a noticeable passage there. 
  • The explanation behind this change of outlook, on the part of professionals, as well as that of the traditional media (which are generally much more benevolent), is also a demographic question for Emmanuel Forlani. Emmanuelle Carinos, doctoral student in social science at Cresppa , a research laboratory that brings together Paris-8 Saint-Denis, Paris-10 Nanterre and the CNRS, confirms:

The Aspect of Ageing

“The aging of people who grew up with rap has consequences for the legitimacy of the genre. Quite simply, because future journalists, concert programmers grew up with it and therefore do not have the same approach. ” 


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