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Have you ever nursed the idea of becoming a reputable recording artist or music producer? Have you tried all you can to find a reliable studio to no success? Spike Leo Studios is the home of nurturing talents. Music producers will up their game, while musicians will get their music recorded and released in high-definition quality. They will fasten how quick you raise the ranks as an established recording artist or recording artist. There are many Melbourne recording studios,but none can compare with Spike Leo studios.

Who Are We Really?

Spike Leo is a recording studio in Melbourne known for providing topnotch services. It caters to everyone in the music industry, including recording artists and songwriters. It’s the ultimate destination for aspiring and talented artists who want to leave a legacy in creating award-winning records. It’s located at the hub of Melbourne and caters to international, beginner, and national artists who specialize in the writing, production, mixing, and recording of music for commercial purposes.  We are one of the few Melbourne recording studies that will help you to write and produce multiple genres and styles of music. 

You can also learn more about music production as we offer a variety of electronic music production classes. We enroll students looking to advance their knowledge on matters production of electronic music. We dedicate hours of experience and learning to create learning programs that suit our learners best.

Are We A Top Music Production School?

If you have researched online music production schools in Melbourne, you likely have come across spike Leo.  With us, you are going to learn music production from experienced and talented music production artists and recording specialists. We use our studio experience and formal written syllabus teaching to deliver topnotch education to learners of all kinds.

What Else Do We Offer?

Besides offering music production and recording services, we as well run SQUAD SUNDAY’s events ideal for music artists and producers. During the event, we invite guest speakers from top sectors in the music industry so they can enlighten you more about the industry based on the experience and wisdom they have gained over the years they have been in the industry. You will not only listen to advice and real-life experiences from successful music producers and artists but also get to enjoy pizza and sessions of listening to pre-released music from well-known artists and producers. We have over 20 years in the music industry producing and writing music for young and talented artists. We aim to help anyone in the music industry including songwriters and talented music producers.

Looking to book a date with the best Melbourne recording studios but don’t know which one to choose? Spike Leo studios in Melbourne’s top-performing music studio that assists all in the music industry, including engineers, writers, and producers.


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