LVSTNIGHT debut ‘Last Night Was Hell’ is Mood Maker

LVSTNIGHT debut ‘Last Night Was Hell’ that is suitable for your entire mood. In this song, LVSTNIGHT shows how he is not sorry for the way he is living. He is telling his lifestyle and relationships he has gone through until they grumble together. The song ‘Dead’ and ‘Demons’ has the presence of Montana-based rapper’s darker side, and he clearly describes it boldly.

The rapper runs an insurgency campaign on contorting elements of the ATL trap. You can say that it is a warped version having good sound in this music. But, LVSTNIGHT is come up as a burdened young man when you see him under dim light.

Talking about the ‘Yellow Pills,’ the rapper is emerged out as a troubled soul showing it’s deep grim and clarity. His song amplifies his sadness as you can notice the somber tone. But, he always gets through all these emotions and reflects his more delicate side.

In some of the tracks like ‘potion’ and ’10 Hiii’, he is appreciated for his newfound life. Both the tracks are burst with joy and depict that the rapper is on cloud nine. Here, he is telling his vice-riddles tales and even punches lines. He splits in between victory laps and thankfulness.

LVSTNIGHT has rapped the songs mentioning all about his life and how he deals with patience. He is very much assured about what is doing and even match his work with veteran rappers. His new EP is a perfect balance showing both his talent and skills. It is quite promising to watch LVSTNIGHT if you want to witness a masterpiece.

Do listen to rapper’s EP if you want to go rollercoaster on your emotions. Just enter into his dark side and listen ‘Last Night Was Hell’ present on all major platforms.

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