‘Into The D.A.R.K.NESS’ Creates Awareness about Important Issues

‘Into The D.A.R.K.NESS’ is a new way of showing the artist way of dealing with the addiction and his efforts towards living a healthy life in every piece and bits. According to the experts, the album is engaging the fans like anything due to its stable flow and excellent energetic vibe. In most of the music platform, you will find this album getting popular. The listeners can even follow Austin Arndt on website and Instagram. The album has total 10 tracks, which are filled with flawless, darkness, and dullness, yet it is pretty good at listening. The tracks are a really rare combination of perfection and present as an art of a collection.

You can start listening to this album via ‘T-REX’ that is an opening track and gain lots of attention from the listeners. The music project is known as both distinct and dark in nature. You will experience both the preciseness and captivating experience of this beautiful masterpiece. The beautiful tracks draw the attention of listeners, basically focussing on the opening track. Due to the minimalistic yet melody songs, many of you will love the way Austin has presented this track. Talking about the flow, it is quite aggressive and bouncy. All tracks are true to experience. If you want to listen to the tracks like ‘Manical Pain’ and ‘Dark Deals,’ they also have distinct kinds of rapping styles.

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Do listen to this track as YT has surely brought a new twist to powerful sub-genre. Austin Arndt, who also has a stage name, YT, was born on 15th February 1993. Uncertainly, he is gifted with a beautiful voice that can help many people to cope up with the pain if they are suffering from addiction. It is pretty clear that YT has shown his interest in making recovery music to help himself as well as others to deal with the drug addiction problem. On asking him what inspire him to release such songs, he said that music is all about sharing the pain, whether it is related to addiction or something else. And, his music has hopefully brought relief in people’s life. The aim of his music is to spread his story and assist others regarding heroin and meth overdose.

YT has won different awards and gets the recognition from his debut album known as ‘Difficult Choices.’ The newest album he introduced ‘Into The D.A.R.K.NESS’ has undoubtedly become a hit and has a huge impact on the critics as well as a fan.

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