Interested in some courtroom drama? ZEE5’s got just the right thing for you. Watch the Verdict!

What do you think should be there in a perfect courtroom thriller? Based on real life story? Filled with excitement? Complete with spattering of humor to lift your mood at times? Well, ZEE5’s Original the Verdict – State vs Nanavati web series has all of the above and much more.

Based on the nation-wide popular murder case which embroiled Indian Naval Officer K M Nanavati on charges of murdering his wife’s alleged lover Prem Ahuja from back in 1959, The Verdict – State vs Nanavati is a gripping courtroom thriller and an exciting retelling of the tale which has already been covered thrice before – in the movies Yeh Rastey Hain PyadKe(1963), Achanak(1973) and most recently in Rustom (2016).

Like others before, The Verdict follows the real course of events which are set in the late 1950s India but is the first time that the real names of those involved are used. For those who have never heard of the riveting case before the series becomes a revelation while others who are aware of the outcome can still watch it for the gripping courtroom drama and intense acting of the impressive star cast.

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The Verdict depicts the grueling dealings of the Indian court systems in the 1950s when a jury of peers would decide the fate of the accused. The series starts with a young and dashing Ram Jethmalani, played by Sumeet Vyas, who begins the narration of the entire drama in flashback mode. The story unfolds to show how K M Nanavati (portrayed brilliantly by Manav Kaul), an officer in the Indian Navy gets suspicious about his wife Sylvia’s affair with businessman Prem Ahuja, played by Viraf Patel, and shoots him thrice to kill him. Surprisingly, Nanavati surrenders to the police but the twist comes when he pleads “not guilty” to the charges of murder.

The story gets more exciting when the Parsi community voices its support for Nanavati, because he is not less than a national hero for them and they see him as a victim of adultery. Next, RussiKaranjia, played excellently by veteran actor Saurabh Shukla, the owner of tabloid newspaper Blitz also sympathizes with Nanavati and paints him as the victim while portraying his wife Sylvia as an unfaithful and conniving woman and at the same time paints her lover as a serial womanizer.

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On the other hand is Vidya Munshi, played by Pooja Gor, who feels that the tables need to be turned and goes on to show the narrative through Sylvia’s point of view, which justifies that a woman can be attracted to another man if her husband does not fulfill his duties towards her.

Despite being a sensational courtroom drama based on a real-life case, The Verdict also brings appropriate comic relief with a never-seen-before characterization by Makarand Deshpande, who plays Chandu Trivedi, Ram Jethmalani’s assistant.

The web series smoothly attempts to tackle the issue of misogyny which is dominant in the society and questions the social dynamics of the era.

In short, The Verdict – State vs Nanavati elicits all forms of emotions form the viewer, from sympathy to anger and even laughter in the lighter moments showcased in brilliantly in the web series. All in all, those who love the suspense of courtroom dramas will find The Verdict an extremely interesting and innovative take on the real-life court case.

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