Hand Drum: History, Types, and Variety That Is Available Online

Music is one single element that has been connecting different cultures, communities, and traditional groups with one another for centuries. The humankind cannot survive without art and music. When it comes to mankind, if science and technology are the backbones of economic and social development, music can be called the heart and soul of every civilization. It not only acts as a stress buster but also provides us calmness and peace of mind when we listen to it. And musical instruments, give life to this music. Imagine listening to a singer singing your favorite song but without any musical tones such as that of guitars, drum, piano. Etc. Would you enjoy listening to that? No right?

The oldest musical instrument

Among the musical instruments that have been used for ages, the hand drum is the most ancient instrument it is one of the first arrived, discovered, and invented percussion instruments. If we go back to history, then according to and historians the hand drum is the oldest musical instrument that mankind designed.

African history of hand drum

Africans, especially have used a variety of hand drums like  African djembe, Cajon, balafon, shakers and rattles, bells, xylophones, drums, shekere, udu, marimba, djun-djun, Tama, mbira, etc. But among these, four of them- Cajon drums, djembe, bongos, and congas became popular and most used hand drums among musicians and artists all over the world.

Types of hand drums

  • Cajon drum: A box-shaped drum made out of wood that is played by sitting on the top of it and then beating the instrument’s front surface with your hand.
  • Congas: They are also known as Latin hand drums and it originated from ancient Cuban civilization.
  • Djembe: it is the most popular instrument of Indonesia and Bali and is made out of animal skin and a curved piece of wood.
  • Bongos: traditionally, this instrument is played with the position of seated and held between the two legs. It was also invented in Cuba.

Best hand drums for instrumental artists

Many people have playing handpan as their side hobby. So, if you are one of them, who loves to drool to the beat of a hand drum if you find happiness in pushing your palms against a handpan, then we have brought to you a list of the most popular handpans that are not only affordable but will also be delivered to you on your doorstep.

This is a list of the wide variety of hand drums: –

  • 9 note handpan in d minor professional
  • 9 note handpan in d minor
  • 8 note handpan in f minor
  • 9 note handpan in a minor
  • 9 note handpan in g minor
  • 7 note handpan in g minor

Go ahead and let your dream of becoming a master drummer flourish and grow with the help of these super interesting hand drums.

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