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Guitars are fretted musical instruments that contain six strings. There are many different types out there on the market. The right choice for you will depend on a couple of factors, like how big your audience is. It means that you will need a loud guitar if you have a huge audience.

On the other hand, if you are playing for a smaller audience, then you will need a guitar that is not too loud. With that said, if you need a guitar, here are some different types that you should consider.


Acoustic guitars do not depend on electronic amplification to produce sound. This guitar has a soundboard for enhancing the vibration sounds of the strings. When you pluck the guitar strings, it vibrates the soundboard and the air enclosed in the soundbox. The resonance amplifies certain overtones more powerfully than others, which affects the timbre of the sound produced.


Semi-acoustic guitars are similar to solid-body guitars. They have a hollow body with electronic pickups on it. They are also similar to solid-body guitars. Semi-acoustic guitars are recognized for their ability to produce a plaintive, sweet, or funky tone. They are well-suited for many different genres, including funk, blues, indie rock, and sixties pop.

Semi-acoustic guitars have sound holes which are cello-style and shaped like an F. But it can be blocked off to avoid feedback.

Electric acoustic

Electric acoustic guitars come fitted with pickups instead of using a microphone separately. You may also include a piezoelectric pickup under the bridge, attached with a low-mass microphone (a condenser mic), or to the bridge mounting plate inside the guitar. It converts the vibrations in the guitar into electronic signals.

These types of guitars are known as acoustic guitars and not electric guitars because the signal produced by the pickups is not directly from the strings’ vibration but the vibration of the body or top of the guitar.¬†


Solid-body electric guitars do not have any vibrating soundboard for amplifying string vibration. They rely on electric pickups, a speaker, and an amplifier. These types of guitars are made from hardwood coated with a hard lacquer or polyester finish. The wood is usually stored for about 3 to 6 months before being used to make the guitar.


This type of solid-bodied guitar has hollowed Chambers in its body. These chambers do not interfere with the anchor point and critical bridge of the guitar’s body. This guitar type has a lower weight and can achieve a semi-acoustic tone.

Full hollow-body

This type of guitars is made of sheets of wood that have been glued together. They are as loud as acoustic guitars and can be used unplugged. Full hollow-body can be used as electric guitars even with their fitted pickups. They also have f-shaped sound holes like semi-acoustic guitars.


There are many types of guitars on the market, and it may not be easy to choose the right one. Some examples of these guitars include acoustic and electric guitars. The most suited one for you depends on your audience size and the location you want to play. In all, I hope you can now make an informed choice while buying your guitar.


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