Great Ways to Use Classic Car Rentals for Awesome Music Videos

There are a lot of great ways to use classic cars in music videos. But how many of them are actually going to benefit you? In this article I will be discussing ten ways to use a classic car in music videos that will help you get your idea out there.

When it comes to music video car rentals, they are ideal for many different uses. From getting your own unique model to send to a recording session, or from using a rental company to share the limelight with a celebrity, the options are practically endless. The only problem is deciding which one to use. So let’s go over the ten ways to use a classic car in music videos.

One of the most common types of video applications is using classic car rentals to send an entire group of actors and extras to a video shoot. You can hire a group of people to travel to a location on a private charter or even a chartered bus (some of these companies actually specialize in offering services for any type of company employees).

Some companies even offer use their fleet of classic cars for just such a purpose. Whether the car rental company will let you rent their fleet or if they will rent you a particular car, the point is that it’s a pretty easy way to send people to a movie set. The choice is up to you.

Another option for those who want to make their own use of classic car rentals is to rent you a vehicle. This could be a semi-private charter from a company or a private jet you get for your own personal use.

To make your own work of art, you’re able to do a little research and find props or costumes that can be modified to fit your needs. For example, if you’re going to be filming a sports-car racing scene, a custom-made, matte black, carbon fiber car for example can really add some uniqueness to your video.

Something else you may want to consider is renting a brand new classic from one of the many vintage car rental companies. This is not always a bad idea. You can either rent a brand-new company car or if you want to customize your own picture car rental, you can easily do so through one of the many companies that have their own classic car workshop and mechanics.

Or perhaps you’re going to want something for a music video car rentals or even a talent show. You can rent an entire limo to use for the duration of the project, or you can rent multiple drivers to drive around. You’re able to rent everything from cars to trucks to SUVs to even trucks or trailers.

You could even use your own car if you’re not going to be using a rental company. The biggest problem with renting is finding a classic car that you’re comfortable driving. It’s an expensive toy and you want to ensure that you know what you’re doing before hitting the road.

The best way to find classic picture car rentals is through your local florist. They have a wide selection of classic cars for rent, you simply call them up and arrange your hire.

The whole process can be very quick and easy, but some companies require you to sign up for an account which will allow you to rent for a month, three months, or even a year. If you’d rather rent for a shorter period of time then this isn’t an issue for you, though I would still ask your florist for recommendations from a few companies you trust.

So there you have it, ten great ways to use a classic car in music videos. Use your own creativity and come up with your own ideas for different uses.


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