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Never buy a bagpipe on a whim. You’d be surprised how many people want to learn how to play bagpipes and start by buying the first instrument to start learning. It is a mistake. Buying a bagpipe when you do not know how to play will inevitably lead to a bad investment.

Watch out for EBay and Benzoin

Do not buy your bagpipes on EBay or Le Benzoin unless you know exactly what you are doing. There is a good chance that if you read this guide, it is not the case. Unlike most instruments, you do not learn bagpipes with bagpipes. We start with a practice sing. Put aside your desire to buy a bagpipe until you master the practice. For the best practice chanter this is a very important matter.

Start with a quality singing practice

This is a model such as this one for example. A practice singing is relatively affordable and will be a valuable tool, not only to start but also throughout your “career”. For more information, see our Practice Singing Guide.

Be realistic

Evaluate your ability and desire to practice honestly. Do not waste your money with a practice sing if you do not give yourself the time to practice enough. The bagpipe is not the kind of instrument you can practice once a week.

If you do not have more time to give it, it may not be the best time of your life to put you on the bagpipe. If you generally tire or give up easily, be careful.

The bagpipe is one of the most difficult instruments to learn. The advantage of starting practice is that if you finally realize that you do not like it, that it is too complicated or that you do not have enough time, your investment will have been minimal.

Take classes if you can afford it

This is the best way to progress. Your teacher will be able to tell you when you can go from practice to bagpipes. Do not be discouraged if it takes time. According to people it takes between 3 months and a year.

  • Another benefit of taking classes is that you will normally have the opportunity to test several kinds of bagpipes before buying one. For example, find out if you need to go to a plastic or ebony bagpipe.


On average, 1 student in 10 becomes a confirmed bagpipe player. These usually share very good tips, pieces, etc. They can be of great value to you.Most of them can be contacted online. And it’s even better if they are geographically close to you and you can meet them.Everyone has their opinion on different bagpipes, techniques, etc. Therefore the more different players you will meet and the better. For the best gibson practive chanter this is important.

Buy quality

There are many brands of bagpipes. Some are obviously better than others. Brands like Mac Callum or Galore are recognized worldwide for their quality for example. Give yourself the best you can (within your budget, of course).


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