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This type of art, like cinema, takes its place of honor on the podium in importance for the development of society as a whole and each individual in particular. It’s generally not worth talking about how film affects a person, a crowd, because hundreds of scientific treatises have already been written on this subject. It is enough to say that such cult tapes as “Fight Club”, “Escape from the Shawshank” and a number of others will forever remain in the human memory due to the way they influenced one generation or another. From 123movies you can find the smartest options now for watching films.


The role of horror films in cinema

You should not lose sight of such a genre of cinema as horror films. Thanks to horror films, more adrenaline forms in the blood of the audience, a wave of fear and anxiety runs through. Such films are great for anyone who wants to tickle their nerves. Horror tapes are designed to create an atmosphere of tension, horror, painful expectation before the fulfillment of some terrible event, which will significantly affect the development of the plot on the screen.

  • The fear that is transmitted to the audience is formed due to various plot twists, images, events and so on. The background for the development of fear can be very diverse. The role of this background can be played by any fantastic events, mental pathologies expressed by other heroes of the film, scenes of violence, blood, human insides and so on. However, many film critics point out that the horror film may not even contain the horror itself: in view of turning the cinema into a conveyor, many notice that in this genre there are more and more templates and clichés regarding the development of events, stories and so on.

The internal structure of a horror movie

Of course, as in many other works of art, the main problem in horror films is the struggle between good and evil. Evil can be represented in a generalized image of the executioner in the form of a monster, uncontrollable natural elements, some kind of monster or just a person with obvious mental deviations. Good acts as a victim often an unsuspecting layman, a child. And while in most films, good still conquers evil, in horror films one can hardly always hope for such a development of events.

  • The concepts of horror films have changed every decade, and the directors who introduced new definitions into this genre were considered truly cult masters. Today, literally anyone who has a TV or device with Internet access can enjoy horror films.

Later, Billy Wilder, with Double Insurance, Sunset Boulevard and Ace in the Sleeve, supplemented a possible arsenal with an intentionally artsy offscreen text and time jumps (the first two films start from the end and then tell how it came to that).

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