Get Ready to Understand Weebs, Weeaboos, & Otakus!

Japan is the land of the rising sun, and it’s a country filled with beautiful sceneries, clean and green streets, and it’s rich in culture. No matter what happens and how long the time has passed, the Japanese still honour their culture in many ways. And one of these is through manga and anime. If you have read manga or watched an anime before, you can see that the culture is still there and very present. So it’s no wonder there are many weebs, weeaboo, and otaku lovers worldwide. And each of these terms has differences in them.

Weebs are people who are die-hard anime and manga fans with vast knowledge about them. Weeaboos are also anime and manga fans, but they are also crazy about Japan and everything in the country, to the extent they are ready to leave their old life for Japan. Finally, Otaku are in the middle of weebs and weeaboos, and they are also heavily invested with the anime characters. So if you want to find out which category you belong to, you can take a weeb quiz to find out! But first, let’s get to know each of them more clearly.

What is a Weeb?

Weeb is a slang term for people who love reading manga and watching anime. They are very knowledgeable regarding different types of hit mangas or animes, making them an expert about these topics. If you are new to anime or manga, you can always ask them what manga to read or anime to watch. They have all the best recommendations for you. So don’t worry if you think that you’re a weeb. That just means you are a great fan of these fantastic works!

How to Spot a Weeaboo

Weeaboo is totally different from weeb. It’s also a slang term for people who love anime and manga and love Japan and everything about it. Weeaboos are so crazy about Japan that they are willing to leave their family and identity behind for it. Their love for Japan is up to the point where they are willing to learn the language too. Some weeaboos also detest countries that will show a minuscule of disrespect for Japan. Unfortunately, their obsession with Japan is sometimes too much, so the word Japanophile is often associated with them.

Get to Know Otakus

Otakus are in the middle of weebs and weeaboos, and you will often find them having all kinds of merch at their homes. But one takeaway that will make you spot an otaku is that they fall in love with the characters of the anime they are watching or manga they are reading. Sometimes, they are so busy with the characters that they often forget what’s happening around them. 


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