Composers Who Left Their Mark On Classical Music

Some of the Most Unforgettable Composers in the Classical Music Genre

The classical music genre has been a big deal for hundreds of years. People worldwide are familiar with pieces that were the creations of power players such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and, last but not least, Johann Sebastian Bach. These aren’t the only famed composers who have taken on the classical music realm successfully. There were quite a few others who did the same thing.

Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin distinguishes being among the most widely known classical composers of all time, period. What makes this talent so memorable? He came from Poland in Central Europe, first of all. There weren’t many other legendary composers who came from the nation. People who are huge fans of the Romantic era cannot say no to Chopin’s listening sessions. People who are keen on solo piano offerings tend to be big Chopin aficionados. His life ended back in the 1840s. He died at a too young age.

Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms was born in Hamburg’s action-packed city back in the beginning of the 1830s and was the most celebrated classical composer of all time. This man was a lot like many other classical music gurus in that he came from Germany. He passed away in Vienna, Austria, several decades later, and was a Romantic period staple among classical music buffs. His piano playing skills were out of this world. He’s associated with everything from piano pieces and chamber music to symphonies, and that’s no exaggeration at all.

Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy was a composer who came from France. He was born at the beginning of the 1860s and passed away in the spring of 1918. This talent was inspired by many other classical composers who came before him. Examples of these composers are both Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and the previously mentioned Frederic Chopin. It isn’t uncommon for people to label Debussy as the initial Impressionist composer to hit the scene. Despite that, he was in no way, shape, or form someone who was okay with that labeling. He denied it every chance he got. People who are enthusiastic about classical music gravitate to his work. The same thing applies to those who are passionate about jazz options.

Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn was a composer who, like so many others, came from welcoming Austria in the European continent’s heart. He’s linked to the many marvels of the Classical period. People often think that he was a major part of the establishment of well-known chamber music. In many cases, people think about the piano trio any time they recall Haydn and all of his abilities. It isn’t uncommon for people to refer to him as the “Father of the String Quartet” or the “Father of the Symphony.” This man’s life ended in the spring of 1809 in Vienna. People liked to call him simply “Papa.”

Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky was a composer who was born on Russian soil. He was a conductor, pianist, and composer, all wrapped into one neat package. People are attracted to Stravinsky because his concepts were all over the map. It was often hard for people to anticipate his musical direction.

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