Best Way for Making Your Event in Dubai Available

Therefore, as in trains, the earlier you bought a ticket, the cheaper it cost you. In the sitting rooms at the same time, they also make out good places at the very beginning. If the project is popular, prices have risen over time, but you cannot go, most likely you can sell it to other people.

What to do if a ticket is purchased and the concert does not take place

If the concert is canceled or rescheduled, tickets must be handed over at the box office where you purchased them (if there is no other information). If you are refused a refund, we highly recommend writing a statement to the police regarding fraud. 2-3 statements and the negligent organizer very quickly have the money to return. Usually, it is the “effect of a large number of neighbors.” Everyone thinks “they threw 500 people, someone has already written a statement” and the negligent organizer evades responsibility.

Should we publish a ticket online?

The answer is obvious, but nonetheless in every meeting in the social. networks appear photos of tickets, happy packages with packages of ticket holders with tickets, etc.

If you really want to inform everyone on Instagram that you are going to a concert and have already bought tickets, do not forget to gloss over all the barcodes on the ticket before that. Otherwise, you may expect an unpleasant surprise when, when you come to the concert, you will find that someone has already passed on your ticket. Book My Show would be the best choice for your event in Dubai. For the upcoming events in uae all the event booking options are there.

Whether to buy tickets on hand

The answer follows from the previous question. We would definitely not, if these are not your good friends. The most “harmless” a ticket photo could be published on the Internet and someone uses a barcode from it. Frequent and widespread the ticket is simply faked. Of course, you can buy a ticket a little cheaper and get to the concert, but the risk is great and it’s not worth it.

How to go to concerts for free

You work in the media try to get accreditation from the organizer

You have a professional camera. If there are any reports from other concerts and they are of good quality, then the organizer and the group may be interested in a photo report. True, during the work of the concert there will not be much time to enjoy.

There is no media and camera, but there are several thousand subscribers in Insta, FB, VK or Youtube? If it’s beautiful to present, telling how the organizer will win, you can be accredited. Recently, the “opinion leaders” of a young audience are sometimes more interesting than regular media.

Even if nothing from the list above came up, the organizer may need low-skilled help, for example, distributing a flyer, transferring something / unloading something, meeting someone. Do not be afraid to write to the organizer, telling about your desire and asking if any help is needed.


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