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The lockdown has prevented many actions, and movie watching is one of them; not only were adults affected by it but kids as well, who enjoyed watching live-action and animated films in 3D and 2D in theatres.

If you are looking for movies in Telugu Dub or Subs, your one-stop destination is the new OTT Platform AHA. Including a curated list of movies, web series and shows for a variety of audiences ranging from children to adult, now everyone will get entertainment right in their homes in just one subscription. Here are two animated films streaming on aha.

ChotaBheem: Journey To Petra.

AHA has many animated movies of India’s beloved cartoon character ChotaBheem and his journey with his friends to various places fighting different obstacles and saving people. The small local hero has owned the hearts of many ever since it arrived in 2008. Green Gold Animations has since then produced many such animated films, and here is one such film.


While the King of Dholakpur, where the series is set, Raja Indravarma is away to meet his old friend, Bheem, who is handed the responsibility to look after the kingdom. However, when the King and his daughter Indumati and their entourage haven’t returned, everyone gets worried, so Bheem, along with his friends, decides to find the King.

All journey, we witness Bheem along with his friends fighting sea monsters and other obstacles till they reach Petra. They find the King who is delighted to see Bheem, but he announces that his friend’s daughter, Petra’s princess, is kidnapped by a vicious villain ‘Kala Haath’. What follows next is how Bheem saves the day and goes back with his friends and King back to Dholakpur safe and sound.

ChotaBheem: DholakpurTo Kathmandu.

Another ChotaBheem animated film that is dubbed and streamed on AHA is DholakpurTo Kathmandu.


The story follows after a young yeti cub is kidnapped from a caring yeti father by a leopard named Bharal. The leopard takes the cub to a monk residing in the Blue Monastry, who, worried for the cub’s safety in the periphery of the leopards, runs away with the cub.

In Benaras, Bheem and his friends are preparing for their trip to Kathmandu; while sightseeing, they lose their way, but a local boy Aadit helps them and invites them to his home. Just then, the monk arrives with bad injuries, carrying the cub. He pleads with Bheem to safely return the precious bundle to where he belongs and leaves after saying, “Save Mi-goi”.

How Bheem and his friends safely return the yeti cub to his father while removing every obstacle in his way forms the rest of the plot.

ChotaBheem is a beloved character, and many kids enjoy the young boy who, with his strength, saves people and does good. The basic moral is to do good and help others when in need, and this is not only fun and entertaining but inspiring and a good influence on your kids.

If you want to watch cartoon movies online dubbed in Telugu, then AHA is your one-stop destination for your kids.

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