All the Entertainment for the Hitched: With Wedding DJ

Happy moments call for celebrations all over the globe. The desire to spend time with loved ones is eternal. To ensure that the guests have a gala time, people go to lengths to create something which will be cherished for a long period of time. 

The Wedding industry has always been the one making a buzz in the market with its ever increasing demand for entertainment. The industry has already crossed $76bn in 2019 in the U.S.A. alone. Hours, days and months are spent to decide the perfect weddings; with the right kind of weather, venue, date, dress and most importantly the entertainment. 

With the changing trends in the market, it becomes important to plan a wedding which will stand out from the rest and will be reminisced with joy. For various entertainment sources, one can check out options provided by wedding dJ Monterey Carmel.

Different Types of Entertainment Available

Go Crazy on Lights

Lights make everything look beautiful. Receptions are often adorned with sublime lighting.


To take a wedding to the next level, one can hire a caricaturist to make cartoons of the guests. Caricature art itself is very amusing and will keep the guests entertained.



Personalized music on the entry and also for the dance floor is a great way to add to the element of fun. A good DJ makes everyone groove and is usually the second-best aspect of the wedding after the food. One can check out wedding DJ Monterey Carmel to avail the services of professional DJs.

Photo Booth

To aid personalization, photo booths have created a buzz in the market. All sorts of props, fun elements are added for the guests to enjoy and take pictures from the wedding along.

Dance Off

Guests enjoy dancing at weddings the most as it is an auspicious occasion where we have fun with our friends and family members. To ensure a groovy segment, adding in a dance-off at the wedding would not only be fun but also memorable.

Advantages of Including Entertainment at Weddings

  • Makes one’s event memorable.
  • Helps guests to enjoy and be a part of the event.
  • Reflects one’s efforts for the event being celebrated.
  • Help keep the children entertained as well.
  • It is a great way to engage the guests in the event.

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