About Handmade Guitars

Guitars are a popular instrument, but there are so many options on the market that it can be especially difficult for beginners to choose the perfect one for them. Whether you are a beginner or experienced guitarist, you have the option between purchasing factory-made guitars or handmade guitars. Which one is the best option? Is there even a difference between these two options? The goal here is to help you better understand the difference between the two as well as why you should consider getting handmade guitars.

Difference Between Factory-Made Guitars and Handmade Guitars

The biggest and most obvious difference is that factory-made guitars are mass manufactured whereas handmade guitars are individually made. But the differences between these two options are more complex than this basic difference. This section will take a closer look at some of these differences.


Eventually, there will come a point where you will need to get maintenance, tune-ups, or repairs on your guitar. The problem is that with a handmade guitar, you may have a harder time finding someone who has experience in repairing these guitars. With factory-manufactured guitars, there are more likely to be professionals that are able to repair these items. However, these items are often more cheaply made. With handmade guitars, there is a lot of focus on the details and creating a high-quality product which make them last longer.


If you are a more experienced guitarist, you may be looking for specific things in your guitar. The problem with factory-made guitars is that they are made with standard specifications with every guitar. Handmade guitars are able to be built to your exact specifications. For instance, many times guitarists complain about the neck being too awkward to hold. Handmade guitars ensure you get a neck that feels comfortable when playing.


Handmade guitars will be more expensive, but you are paying for a high-quality item that will last you a long time and is often made specifically to you wants and needs. You may get a factory-made guitar for cheaper, but you often get exactly what you pay for at those lower price points.

Why You Should Purchase Handmade Guitars

Should you buy a handmade guitar? If you are a beginner, you may want to save money and just purchase a factory-made guitar. There is a place for handmade guitars in the industry. First of all, they are made from only the highest quality materials, meaning that they can last longer than more cheaply made guitars. There’s also the benefit of getting a custom guitar that works for you. For instance, maybe you have smaller hands and want a neck that feels better when playing. Handmade guitars make sure that you get a guitar as unique as you are.


Handmade guitars are often very costly, but there are a few things to consider with this higher price tag. One consideration is that when compared to the long-term costs of repairs and replacements, you end up spending more one factory-made guitars. You are also getting a guitar that was carefully crafted, with every detail attended to in order to create a higher quality guitar. Handmade guitars are excellent options if you really want to get the best guitars on the market. 

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