8 best tips to organize a perfect hen party

A hen do is extremely important for every bride-to-be. It is the hen party that kick starts the celebrations of a wedding. For every girl, it is a special night that she would remember for the rest of her life. For all those reasons, organizing a hen do is a great responsibility. You have to keep in mind several aspects. You have to make sure that everything is according to the taste and character of the bride-to-be and she loves it. Besides that, you have to ensure all arrangements are done properly and in the right order. You can click here for affordable hens night packages and read ahead to get some valuable tips to arrange a flawless hens party.



  • Save the date


Fix a date that is at least a week before the wedding. This gives the bride enough time to prepare for the big day. Also, make sure that you pick a day that such that all the bride’s best friends are comfortable and so join the celebration.



  • Budget 


This is the most important aspect of organizing any event. It is understandable if you want to arrange everything that the bride would want or you try to surprise her with something extraordinary. But it is important that you do not exceed the budget to avoid any future disappointments.



  • Guestlist


This is the trickiest part. You have to make sure that your guest list does not have names that could clash or have extremely different interests. If needed, you can split the party as a tranquil safe spa day for mothers and in-laws and a loud fun evening for the girls. You can have two hen dos if you cannot accommodate all the guests in one.



  • Location


Choose the location wisely. It would need you to research a lot. You should consider several places before finalizing. Find a place that suits the party theme, is safe, and approachable and allows you to have the most fun. Avoid going abroad as this may involve passport issues.



  • Collaboration with guests


It is important to talk with the guests and tell them your plans. This helps them to understand the kind of party it is going to be. This also helps you understand what guests think about your ideas. Also, remember that pleasing everyone is not possible. You only have to make sure that most of the guests are happy.



  • Plan activities and games


What a hens party without activities and games. Plan these things well so that you have all the necessary items at the party. You can also include events like a comedy club, drag show, strip show, etc.



  • Don’t go overboard


You should also ensure that you do not plan too many things for the day. When you all meet and start greeting and chatting, time flies. For that reason plan activities which give you all enough time to participate, enjoy, and talk. Keep your plans flexible.



  • Enjoy the party


It is natural for you to be a little stressed and worried about the arrangements. But remember that the hen party is all about fun and enjoyment. You are arranging the party probably because you are the chief bridesmaid, the closest to the bride. You need to have fun for the bride to enjoy the party to the fullest.

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