3 Simple Steps to Sound Better in the Recording Studio

You know you can sing, all your friends and family have heard you singing and tell you the same thing. So, you book a session at a recording studio to see how you would sound when recorded, and you are shocked to learn that you sound pretty awful.

Why? Well, this does not necessarily mean that you and everybody were wrong. Singing at home and singing into professional microphones, in a professional studio, and with tons of professional music equipment are completely different.

It is likely that you were just not ready to take that step just yet. There are a lot of things that you need to do prior to booking a recording session. There is a lot of planning, practise, and more to be done before you make that booking.

These three tips will make your recording session a lot more successful.

Get the Preparation Right

All singers need to prepare before hitting the vocal booth – especially new singers. Do not go rushing in believing you have what it takes to be perfect the first time around. Instead, make sure you get plenty of practise at home. Record yourself and take note of any areas you can improve on. Do not book a studio until you can nail the songs you wish to record flawlessly. The last thing you want to do is waste time and money extending your session due to requiring many takes.

Get Used to Using a Microphone

A big part of your preparation should involve learning how to correctly stand in front of, and use, a microphone. In a studio, the microphone stays in one place unlike the handheld ones you may use at home. You need to keep a consistent distance from the microphone, avoid making too many movements, and learn how to turn your head to the side when breathing, and to minimise popping (which comes from pronouncing P’s and B’s.

Mean What You are Singing

When signing, you are singing to an audience, and therefore; you need to show genuine emotion. How can you expect the audience to believe the lyrics if you are not singing them with the emotion to make them believable? Being nervous can also affect your emotions, so try everything you can to eliminate anything that can cause you to be nervous. Making sure you know the song by heart and having plenty of practise can help here.


There is far more to sounding good than just singing into the microphone in the same way that you would sing in the shower. There are a lot of technical nuances to understand and plenty of practise to be had before you finally take the leap and record in a studio. If you at least follow the above tips, you will stand a better chance of success. You may even find that your recording is better than you had dreamed and can start to submit music to professionals, record labels, and anywhere else that could get you started on your singing career.

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