2 Reasons You Should Be Watching Stargirl

DC Comics fans are excited about a new series called Stargirl, an American superhero story set in the DC universe. The story follows Courtney Whitmore, a high school student who after discovering the cosmic staff, inspires a new generation of the Justice Society of America.

1. The Main Character is a Great Role Model

Courtney is an instantly lovable character, based on executive producer Geoff Johns’ late sister. Her desire to better understand her missing father is relatable and at times heartbreaking. She tells the classic tale of a girl who, in looking for someone else, comes to understand more about herself, and just so happens to form a team of superheroes along the way. Bree Bassinger, who plays Courtney, has gained a loyal following of young teenagers who are now becoming familiar with the comics made well before their time. Her work in bringing up a generation of new fans is amazingly similar to her character’s work in bringing about a new generation’s superhero cohort.

2. It’s Not Just For Superhero Fans

Both casual viewers who are unfamiliar with DC comics and life-long fans who loved the original Starman comics will enjoy Stargirl. The story doesn’t require prior knowledge to be interesting or relatable, but still includes plenty of details and goodies for those who know what to look for.

Fans of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Back to the Future will also enjoy Stargirl, as it plays to the 1980s fun, slightly irreverent, sci-fi feel. It’s engaging and unpredictable and comes with a lot of heart. The show also makes a concerted effort to include a diverse cast, which has been a criticism of the superhero genre in the past.

Stargirl’s first season premiered in May 2020 on The CW. WIth just 13 episodes, it received an 89% fresh rating and was recently picked up for a second season, slated to premiere in 2021. The CW currently allows free streaming of season one on their website and app.

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