11 Baby Shower Trends Every Would-Be-Moms, Event Planners, And Caterers Must Know

Trends in every industry come and go, that’s just the way they work. And baby showers aren’t excluded in the changing of trends. This is the best time to shower the mom and baby with gifts, love, and support.

Throwing a baby shower is no longer as easy as having cake and playing some games. Event planners, caterers, and the would-be-mom now have to put extra effort to make the shower extra special. If you’re unsure of what to do for your baby shower, here are the latest trends that are all the rage today:

1 – Invite The Men

Baby showers are no longer exclusively for women. Today, the men in our lives are also encouraged to join the celebration. So make sure to invite the guys as well.

2 – Gender Reveal

In this day and age a baby shower typically also includes a gender reveal. If the parents approve, make this spectacle a part of the celebrations too.

3 – Minimalist Theme

Practical and modern moms tend to opt for parties that aren’t too flashy. The minimalist theme is spot on and it also makes cleanup a breeze once the party is over.

4 – Catered Food

A cater baby shower is all the rage today. The days of potlucks is gone because everyone wants to concentrate on mom and baby, not the food they were assigned to bring.

5 – Mocktails!

Cater baby shower usually never has any alcoholic drinks for the sake of mom. Why skip the fun when mocktails are just as good? Consider adding mocktails as part of the menu for some added fun and flare.

6 – Diaper Showers

It is traditional to bring a gift to the shower, but the gifts are usually chosen at random or via a gift registry. To skip the hassle for the guests, encourage everyone to contribute to the parent’s stock of diapers instead. Just ask for a preferred brand and everyone will be happy in the end!

7 – Small And Intimate

There are times where mom would rather just see a small group of people before giving birth. Follow her wishes and throw a small and intimate gathering instead of a full blown party.

8 – Skip The Games

Baby shower games are now seen as cliche. Unless the mom to be explicitly asks for games, skip them entirely.

9 – Meet The Baby

One popular trend today is to host a meet the baby party instead of a baby shower. This will make gift-giving easier and everyone can show up to celebrate the birth of the baby together.

10 – Cupcakes Instead Of Cakes

A baby shower food trend that’s very popular these days is to have cupcakes instead of a cake. They are easier to eat, less formal, and can serve as additional decor for the celebration.

11 – Themed Showers

Some moms to be would love a themed shower for their baby. Just ask them what interest of theirs they want to use and go with it. This will surely be a party the soon to be mom will love and never forget.

Enjoy the party and the company of friends and loved ones and let our cater baby shower team from Saint Germain prepare the tables for you. Contact us today!



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